The WakuWaku (Thrills and Chills) Room

What is WakuWaku (Thrills and Chills)?

WakuWaku is an action puzzle game created by Gajin.
The name is a pun in Japanese, based on the word "waku", which describes how the tiles rise from the edges of the game toward the center, and "wakuwaku", which connotes a sense of excitement.
  Image This is a screenshot from the Windows prototype version of WakuWaku.

Note: screenshots are of works in progress. The finished work is subject to change without notice. 

Basic Rules of Play:
Arrange the three-colored playing pieces on the playing field, which is divided into square spaces, to make the playing pieces disappear. You win a level by scoring the designated number of points in the allotted time.

Special Characteristics:
The puzzles are three-dimensional, which means that pieces connect not only horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, but also up and down. The game progresses through complex elimination of sequences. Cute characters carry the various pieces around the board. Even those who don't care for action games will enjoy this one.

If it seems too hard, players can adjust the difficulty in a variety of ways, including the speed and randomness with which playing pieces materialize. You can also use the Quiz Mode to work on linking and other techniques for game play.
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Personal computers, console game machines.


G. U. Inc. is looking for partners to assist with commercialization of WakuWaku.
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