The Monoopa Room

What is Monoopa?

Monoopa is an action puzzle game created by Gajin, whose idea is to roll playing pieces shaped like rectangular parallelepipeds toward a goal.


Basic Rules of Play:
Each player moves about the gameboard by rolling parallelepipeds in a 1:2:3 ratio. You win a level by getting your playing piece to fit exactly into the goal.

Special Characteristics:
Surprisingly simple rules and play make it easy for anyone to start playing quickly. And it's not easy to make the playing pieces go where you want them to, because of the varying ratios of their sides. These features combine to offer a game that is both easy to play, and yet does not seem like any other game.

You can also add pitfalls, bombs, and other hazards. There are also items, time limits, and other elements that can affect the course of play. Two players can either play with or against one another, and the game also works as a simple puzzle-solving exercise too.

The game can be played on PlayStation or any other system with strong 3-D graphics. This is our concept of the game being played on console game systems and personal computers.
Players avoid obstacles and pick up items as they head for the goal.
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The basic makeup of the game is simple enough that it can also be played on GameBoy and other portable game machines.
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G. U. Inc. is looking for partners to assist with commercialization of Monoopa. Click here for more details.
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