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Associated Firms:
Image Gu Inc
The website for G. U., Inc., founded and operated by Gajin, inventor of Hexcite.
The company develops both Glocal Hexcite and other original games.
Image Club Hexcite(Ships Inc.)
The site for the official Glocal Hexcite fan club. 
Maintains message board for users as well as Hexcite event listings.
Image Yanoman
A famous Japanese jigsaw puzzle company, Yanoman also sells the Glocal Hexcite boardgame. 
Note that their website has English-language support.
Image NEC Interchannel
Sells the Windows and GameBoy versions of Glocal Hexcite. 
Note that their website has English-language support.
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Image Kirishima Homepage
Image AKA Homepage
Image Ikanger Homepage
Image H.Hasumi Home page

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