About the Staff

Image    Founder and President of G. U., Inc.

In reality, Gajin started out as a magazine editor, working on the travel magazine Ryokou Asahi (Travel Asahi--an old one), the tennis magazine Smash, the computer game magazine Family Computer Magazine,PC Engine Fan,Megadrive Fan,Disc Station, and others. Full of energy and motivation, Gajin jumped feet first into manufacturing his own computer games, currently supporting himself with such projects, of which Glocal Hexcite is the first. Though he has come up with numerous other proposals, the difficulty which he is having with commercializing them is steadily driving him mad. Gajin is a chanson singer with a fondness for alcohol. Age indeterminate (due to a gap between physical and emotional ages).

Comments from the man himself:

A plaque on my desk says the following: Keep your own appearance in mind when meeting unknown but competent people.
Sex M
Height/Weight 169cm 67kg
Date of First Sighting Cosmo date 20213.5.91
Present Whereabouts Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Place of Residence A Secret Base Near the Totoro Forest
Personality Very easygoing
Special Talents The ability to disappear
How to Catch Use a Hexcite gameboy as a detector

Takayuki Onodera, a. k. a. TAKA:
Image    President of Landworf, Inc.

Singlehandedly developed Glocal Hexcite for GameBoy. Developed AI routines for Glocal Hexcite 2 for Windows. 
Likes his drink.

Comments from the man himself:

How dare you ask whether it's all right to put photos on the website?
Sex M
Height/Weight 171cm 60kg
Date of First Sighting Dec. 12. 1963
Present Whereabouts Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Place of Residence Holes in the ground and other damp, gloomy places
Personality Very aggressive
Special Talents Playing dead
How to Catch Put alcohol in a wide-mouthed bottle; bury in a hole overnight

Yousuke Sakaushi, a. k. a. Usshi:
Developed Glocal Hexcite and Glocal Hexcite 2 for Windows.

Hiroyuki Sayama, a. k. a. Sayamatchi:
Coded Glocal Hexcite 2 for Windows.

Koich Shimamura, a. k. a. Shimabo:
Created music and sound effects for Glocal Hexcite and Glocal Hexcite 2 for Windows.

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