About This Website

What is www.hexcite.com?

www.hexcite.com is the World Wide Website operated by Gajin, a game designer, and his development staff. It all began in 1996, when Gajin created Glocal Hexcite, a strategic boardgame unlike any before it. Versions soon appeared for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo GameBoy, all of which have drawn considerable support from players both in Japan and overseas.

We are maintaining this site as the official website for Glocal Hexcite and other original Gajin games, and as a point of contact between Gajin, the Hexcite development staff, and the players of our game.

The driving ideas behind Hexcite can be summed up as follows: to make a new game, one that would be highly original, that could be played a hundred or a thousand years from now, if not forever, and that could be played by people of all ages.

We hope you enjoy our site. We're looking forward to hearing from you about it. And we hope you'll help us in creating games for a new era.

A Message from Gajin:

It all began one night in January of 1996, when I first sat in front of a computer with the idea of making a game. I started out by trying to make some puzzles, and the next morning, Hexcite saw the light of day. Figuring that I was on to something, I came up with some thirty more proposals over the next year and a half. First, I sunk my savings into developing a Windows version of Hexcite, which fortunately got the game into the public eye. My other games have not fared so well, however. BanRi, which first emerged six months after Hexcite, received a patent in the U. S., but no one has yet taken it on for manufacturing. If at all possible, I would like to see all of my games survive and thrive. They're all different.
To that end, I have decided to join forces with my friends and associates, and open this website as a place for us all to promote these games. We look forward to your support in this endeavor.

Click here for biographical sketches of Gajin staffers.

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